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Sēņu Vecis
8. septembrī 16:33
baigi niez dibens, vai nu atkal sviests paliks dārgāks vai atkal jāstumj būs kakas ar zildiršiem Knariņu Rinku Jantariku Jasne? Koē? A?
8. septembrī 16:58
Kada vel izvele ja hijack lieto. A kad prasa skaidri tad nedod konkretus variantus kas darbojas un ignore viedokli. Un vai tad katru dienu ir svetku dienas?
8. septembrī 17:01
Taja bilde ari dzeltena krasa ka norade bet es domaju ka tikties nevis problemas..
8. septembrī 17:15
Well if girls for whatever reason not find me attractive boy atm(probably due to hygiene but it is small fixable issue) then i can exit without doing IT but simple extraction and|or exit. I just not know how but i do know that it is not by other items.
8. septembrī 17:17
Izrādās, ka OIK neko daudz nav devis priekš Glabālās Sasilšanas, bet ir devis priekš citām lietām.
8. septembrī 19:05
I dunno who was that blackish dude at training..but there are signs of jokers|sane cats|mad dogs..probably got upset aswell. How come everyone gets upset over silly one time misunderstandings or out of control events? It did not repeat in pattern. And they say millenials are triggered generation.
8. septembrī 19:36
I was not wrong..i was correct where feeling..but in some aspects i could be deceived, that not change that my comments honest. But i was too litle to have motive and grasp idea to be main character in movie Bruce Allmighty but other members however were just old enough to achieve it using someone like me as proxy..as i wrote under each movie there is this thing why others want "take over" with their age and experience..why else would they try to remove me from equation or silence after deception done. Movie titles were achieved so they tried to either get rid or similar. But i wasn't aware. For this reason feeling doublesided. From one aspect it could be preventable but from another..they are trying to punish me so..compensation.
8. septembrī 19:40
They simply masked their ideas through proxy usage. So if crap hits ceiling they will blame proxy. Like always. Cause i not qualify to pull such agendas off yet. Then i would not wonder and suffer. And i did not insult. I was insulted. Neither do i have key(s). I already explained that have problem with short-quick-ram.
8. septembrī 19:42
My suspicions are turning real..either it is love or war figure i am involved since school. No other reason would torture me so long..despite being crimeless but not sinless.
8. septembrī 19:48
But i am trying to help those who try punish me so i dunno why all this fuss. I already explained that Simple Life and Gloria Sol won. What else they want?
8. septembrī 20:33
I don't really like this TV quote but it makes sense.. "She considers herself as a manipulative instrument that her father molded in his own image and betrayed everything she stood for to get her father's love. Though Nyssa is very strong and brave, she does possess a sense of unworthiness within herself. Stubborn and very determined, she is willing to betray anything that means something to her, even herself, to achieve her goals." For this reason i am normal and do not betray anyone. To counter those who do betray. Including scion if upset..but i did not insult. I was busy with other theories..but none in sane mind would go against their parents and scions without valid cause anyway.
Kosmosa iekarošana
8. septembrī 21:18
Matemātikas skolotāja beidzot padevās manam ņiprajam dongam. Esmu izstukšots, jo mēģināju izšļākt uz seksīgās matemātikas skolotājas sejas formulu x+y:55zn
po latviski
8. septembrī 21:19
Ja ,bet zog pat uniformas terpti patriotu dizvadoni-generali !
Alfas pusvaditaju rupnica
8. septembrī 21:22
Patriotu sasutums socialajos tiklos mani vienmer varen uzjautrina !
Sēņu Vecis
8. septembrī 22:16
baigi niez dibens, vai nu atkal sviests paliks dārgāks vai atkal jāstumj būs kakas ar zildiršiem Knariņu Rinku Jantariku Jasne? Koē? A?

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