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Es ahujel
2019. gada 29. maijā 21:04
Tas tak ir debīli bļe
2019. gada 29. maijā 22:25
Already explained. If it is not counterdeception to catch those behind my problems but actual attempt to kill|sabotage me for disbelief and if i have no other choice then it is either temp solo or if SL not like me cause forced dating(and cannot show scion(s)) and D is interested in PH not me(despite T movie, otherwise no problem dating if wants me aswell) and others are deceiving me aswell, except maybe duality..but regardless all of them are under my vouching. None will suffer! I don't like idea of neverending testing without means to fight back using my naiveness. If it is unavoidable then i either want option to chat with both sides or will take pill for unknown time(without chat i won't abandon my family, too much deceivers and without chat i can't know difference). I am normal.
2019. gada 29. maijā 22:31
I am not giving up but longer i not give up the more problems i receive(it was better like was before even if Jinzo was used to transfer stuff)..that is not justice. Not worth. What is next? Pension? No thanks. Either delay or normality. But i not need act. Transformation, key or simply joining.
2019. gada 29. maijā 22:32
And i did not vote for nonsense. I voted for something else..
2019. gada 29. maijā 22:36
And those who consider me coward why not come chat face to face with me about something? How are they brave? No need to reveal secrets..just basics that all know. I never claimed others are cowards. I did not and am not running away. I am also testing stuff.

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