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2019. gada 7. septembrī 16:35
tas jau vakar vakar bija; ko nu vairs;
2019. gada 7. septembrī 16:55
I care but i am worried if won't get problems from opposition and stress took its toll on nerves aka numbed POV..also not want to take by force|trickery. I dunno if they want. Maybe they think it is forced dating again.
> Noyb Šodien 17:10
2019. gada 7. septembrī 17:26
Ej tu Noyb labāk.... gulēt! Visiem būs labāk, gan tev , gan tiem, kas komentārus lasa.
2019. gada 7. septembrī 18:19
I don't know what happened early childhood|infancy. But whoever has my key is interested(including competition rivals and those who got upset) that i fail in tests..cause i not have it. Pink song Beautiful Trauma is valid. I can only help with C.S.I. or change if need or simply live, but i can be trusted. If only others would trust back.
2019. gada 7. septembrī 18:21
17:56, a kak jesjo ja mogu komunicirovat s inoplanetjanim? Oni nedali drugoj mobilnik.
2019. gada 7. septembrī 18:25
Interesting scheme..if i will break trust i will go to psycho house cause won't believe both in reality and fiction something but without it it will be problematic to clean reputation. Also i need guarantees none will get hurt. Maybe i not need item but extraction.
2019. gada 7. septembrī 19:01
Šo to skatījos Vikipēdijā šodien, vakar arī. Nu...darbojas.
2019. gada 7. septembrī 19:39
šajā wiki daudz kļūdu un ideoloģizētu interpretāciju.. latviski vispar tik pat kā NEKA NAV
2019. gada 7. septembrī 19:57
OK i consider compromises but if actual criminals who actually did something on disaster scales and really deserve problems get pardons and multiple chances etc. then my waggery(cause did not insult to wc but simply lived life)(just normal life) and did not frame|set up myself, it was misunderstanding then since first chance was incomplete.. None told about one-and-only-time 21.12.2012. but offer to go to space or stay. Oh and btw. This extra was not at school prime years so stop trying to connect. It is just another attempt at scapegoat. Since at first didn't succeed trying again. But i know better that normal. I have access to brain aswell.
2019. gada 7. septembrī 20:26
negaaja man arii shodien.es pat domaaju ka dators vainiigs.
Futs Bols
2019. gada 7. septembrī 22:06
Kremļa hakeri, kurš gan cits. Vai nu neiepatikās kāds raksts, vai arī trenējas kādam nopietnākam uzbrukumam.
2019. gada 7. septembrī 22:28
Sorosoīdu mājaslapa.

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